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Creative Ad – Directing kid needs more patience and improvisation

0 -- When you produce an ad with kid as the main talent, you have to prepare a bunch of more patience and improvisation....

Sedekah Senyum.

??????????? ??? ?????? ??????? ???? ???????? “Senyummu di hadapan saudaramu (sesama muslim) adalah (bernilai) sedekah bagimu“ H.R. Tirmidzi Menampakkan wajah ceria dan berseri-seri...

Smoking Kills

Presented by Agro-Industrial Technology Student, University of Darussalam Gontor Gontor TV More videos: Also tagged with: Gontor TV, Pondok Pesantren, Edutainment, Islam, Muslim, Indonesia, Ponorogo, Jawa...

Mari membaca – Perpustakaan UNIDA

Mari membaca - Perpustakaan UNIDA

creative ad – pseudo-thriller

0 Try to guest what ad is this before the end of the ad. Take some lesson about making a pseudo-thriller for your ad.

Make the Ball Happy


creative ad – script writing lesson – la tansa bakery

0 Learning script-writing can be fun for everyone having creativity. It's easy, simple, and--the most interesting part--you can realize your idea to real thing. Bear...

creative ad – adobe after effect, premiere & photoshop – KUK...

0 With a simple trick, combining after effect, premiere, and photoshop can give added value to your ad