Arabic for Beginners – Eps 2 – Bahasa Arab untuk Pemula

Learning Arabic for beginners, using “direct method”. This method is used in Darussalam Gontor.

Essentials of direct method;
– The language is taught without translation. When you remove translation from your language learning process, you can learn to think in your target language from the beginning.
– Concepts are taught by means of objects or by natural contexts
– Oral training helps in reading and writing
– Grammar is taught indirectly

Gontor TV
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  1. mufidah berkata:

    Ass.wr.wb bagus bang
    Semoga selalu diberi ke sukses trus bang amiin

  2. abu berkata:

    The teaching is quite good but i think an interactive class attended by students will be much more interesting instead of mono speaking….the methode in practical should be upgraded….

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